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Dr. Brittany G. Perrotta 


My research interests are focused at the intersection of aquatic ecology and environmental toxicology. I'm broadly interested in understanding how organisms, community assemblages (from microbial to macroinvertebrate), and ecosystems respond to anthropogenic stressors including emerging/legacy contaminants and nutrient pollution.


To address these questions, I integrate consumer-mediated nutrient recycling, aquatic-terrestrial linkages, nutrient cycling, ecological stoichiometry and next-generation sequencing in studies of systems spanning lab, microcosms, mesocosms and field experiments.

Contact Information

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March 2023: A new paper is out in ES&T Letters characterizing mayfly (Neocloeon triangulifer) sensitivity to  PFOS and PFOA 


January 2022: Joined the Kidd lab as a postdoc at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario! I will be assessing aquatic-terrestrial linkages and invertebrate microbiomes near wastewater treatment facilities. 


December 2020: Started a postdoc with the USGS at the Columbia Environmental Research Center in Columbia, Missouri. I investigated how legacy metal contamination influenced aquatic invertebrate microbiomes with a particular focus on characterizing aquatic-riparian linkages. 


September 2020: PhD Defense - "Are Aquatic Food Webs Vulnerable to Copper and Gold Engineered Nanoparticles"at Baylor University

July 2020: Joined Ratios Matter as an Associate Editor 

June 2020: A new paper is out in Environmental Science & Technology on copper and gold nanoparticle exposure increasing nutrient excretion rates in primary consumers

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