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Environmental Education


Environmental Education Coordinator and Curriculum Development - Boys and Girls Club Waco - Summer 2018

Developed and taught ten half day environmental activities (i.e. water quality, aquatic toxicology, aquatic insects, birds, amphibians, fishing, microbiology and geology) weekly during the summer for 30 children at the Boys and Girls Club of Waco. 


BU SETAC Girl Scout STEMFEST 2016-2018


Taught Ecology of Pokémon in 2018 and  Aquatic Toxicology to over 200 girl scouts.  Ecology of Pokemon taught principles of community ecology (Diversity indices, richness, evenness, ecological niche etc) using Pokémon collected from varying ecosystems (Course content influenced by Melissa Mullins, Judy York and Jeff Back). In Aquatic Toxicology -  used grass shrimp and crayfish to determine how "green" chemicals affected swimming performance. 

Other Events

  • Mayborn Museum - Brazos River Macroinvertebrate

  • Girl Scout Water Badge

  • Mayborn Museum Teen Night

  • Midway HS Aquatic Ecology class - Guest Lecturer

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